Argo Apartments

Argo municipal apartments are located in the central square of Nea Kios just 500 meters from the sea. They have all the comforts and promise you a pleasant stay.

There are also all the infrastructure for the convenience of visitors, since you will find cash machines, supermarkets, pharmacies and ample parking spaces.
You certainly won’t get bored, as you can go fishing, hiking or cycling along the coastal road.
Starting from “Argo” you can visit Naplion, the also picturesque village of Mili, the beautiful Kyveri or start tours to the Archaeological sites of Argos and Mycenae.
For a comfortable holiday choose “Argo”

Argo apartments are located in Nea Kio

''Argo'' a proposal for the summer escape of the family and not only.. In the wonderful Nea Kio with its great history and unique culture, in the picturesque community of the Municipality of Argos-Mykines, which is a favorite destination for beautiful family holidays, "Argo" is waiting for you this year, a complex consisting of businesses and shops of health interest and hospitable rooms to let with a wonderful view. The coastal road and the beautiful comfortable platform of Nea Kios in the summer are full of life. In the area there are many fish taverns and restaurants to taste what your soul is drawn to, large parks, a modern playground, sports facilities for activity and many cafes to spend your time relaxing, enjoying the sea and the coolness of "Bati".

Our Rooms

The tourist apartments "ARGO" offer 16 comfortable rooms that can accommodate 1-6 persons, fully equipped. The rooms include 4 double, 8 quadruple and 4 six-bed rooms. Each room has air conditioning, a bathroom with towels and hairdryer, a kitchen* with fridge, TV, free Wi-Fi and an independent balcony.

*Not all quads


One double bed, air conditioning, bathroom with towels and hairdryer, kitchen with fridge, TV, free Wi-Fi and independent balcony.

Quad Bed

one double bed and two single beds, air conditioning, bathroom with towels and hairdryer, kitchen* with fridge, TV, free Wi-Fi and independent balcony.
*Not all quads

Six Bed

One double bed and four single beds, air conditioning, bathroom with towels and hairdryer, kitchen* with fridge, TV, free Wi-Fi and independent balcony.

About Nea Kios

Nea Kios, a coastal town of Argolida with a good urban layout and tourist traffic, is spread over a flat area.

Nea Kios is a historical continuation of the Asia Minor town of Kios, a city built on the coast of the Propontis (in Bithynia), which was the seat of the Metropolis of Nice and an important commercial centre of the wider region. The first refugees settled in Nea Kio in 1926 (their uprooting was a consequence of the Asia Minor Catastrophe).

In the modern port of Nea Kios, excursion boats and boats moor, while on the banks of the small river Erasinos, which flows into the area, the fishing boats of the town moor.

The morning picture of Nea Kios is beautiful, with the boats arriving and tying up one after the other, and the fishermen untangling their nets and selling their fresh fish to those waiting in line, with patience.

Images full of colour, boats in blue, white or orange, nets, lines, ropes, concrete, fish, squid and octopus, people with nerves of steel and a loud voice.

All this where the waters of the sea meet the waters of the river, where the sea becomes a river and the river becomes the sea!

Nea Kios from above

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